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I'm a reader, and found that getting a Nook was a nice way to shake things up. It's fun to get the immediate gratification of downloading a book (I'm strictly
library) and be reading it within five minutes, all without leaving the house.

Sites like Slate and Daily Beast and the NYT all have "Best of" lists. Plus the
writer Joe Queenan just wrote a book about his own love of reading, and there are lots of suggestions within it.

HTH, and good for you!
I just downloaded Nook for Android. I just downloaded a book called A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...i read the sample and got lost in it. Its a YA type of genre but i like it. So I'll be reading that but im still going to the library this weekend.

The book was only $2.99!!! Sent from my LG-LG730 using CurlTalk App
My son had to read that for 7th grade reading class last year, great book!!
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