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Default HELP! my hair has lost its..hold?

I'm not quite sure how to frame this, but my hair has totally lost its "hold". I've been doing headband curls for the past month (similar to a rollerset) and I've had amazing spirals, but this week something changed! I didn't change my products or my routine, but when I take my headband out I dont get shiny, defined curls, instead I end up with a limp, frizzy-ish mess! What gives? I co-wash about twice a week, and since my hair is protein sensitive I avoid protein. I have 3a low porosity hair. I use the following products: Tresemme- naturals condiitoner, vitamin e oil, and pantene silky moisture whip mousse
Can anyone tell me what may be wrong? This undefined frizz is driving me batty!
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