I grew up in one of the suburbs you crap all over. If you ask me where I'm from and I know you aren't from Eastern MA, I'll tell you I grew up near Boston simply because the other option is to name the small city and then have to clarify it's location in my next sentence. Being "from Boston" explains my love for the Red Sox, my heritage (Irish Catholic), my sense of style/fashion, and my driving (no comment). Believe it or not, the culture of Boston really does extend beyond Boston proper.
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I also grew up in one of those suburbs. And I've lived in the city for 10 years now. The driving is different. The style/fashion is different. I'm not saying better, I'm saying different. That's all.

I, personally, found living in the suburbs to be a terrible fit for me. I'm not crapping all over them. It just (irrationally) annoys me when people go on and in about being "Boston driver" when they spend 99% of their time on suburban roads and don't know Southie from the South End, and have never seem a moving truck stuck on Storrow Drive. Not that this describes you. But it does describe a lot if people. People I grew up with, or friends of family, or family, that often post on Facebook.
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Well clearly you know more about what my sports team, clothing, driving, and heritage represent than I do.


I'm not sure why you even bothered posting your little rant if all you were going to do was poo-poo everyone who disagreed with you!
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I don't share her viewpoint, but she does state that this is a silly rant. She's just getting something that is basically of no importance, but for some reason bugs her, off her chest. These are the types of things that people know don't really bother anyone else. So it's not as if she was looking for differing opinions. And yes, sometimes people rant about things that we disagree with, but they're usually of more importance and/or because the OP really isn't looking at it from different angles.

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