What do I do?

I wash every other day like usual, but I've been using this tea tree shampoo for dandruff, it's organic, hoping it would help. It makes my hair stiff and hard as a rock while in the shower, just like Mane n Tail and other "regular" hair shampoos do. The only shampoos that don't make my hair dry and stiff as a rock (to the point where I can't detangle my hair because it's like glued together until I use conditioner) would include Panteen and sometimes Loreal. Tresemme SOMETIMES works, mostly because I only shampoo my scalp for the sake of my hair. It's like all other shampoos suck the life and oils out of my hair and make it worse so I have to use pounds of conditioner. Eggs & mayo do this, too.

Anywho, so my hair is super clean, and yet one day of not washing (which my hair NEEDS because it is dry) makes my scalp smell like... scalp. Kind of how pillows smell. It's not horrid, but it's annoying and my mom does complain about my bed smelling like I haven't showered in weeks -_- That being said, I wash my sheets and most especially my pillow cases bi-weekly, or weekly.

How annoying! Does anyone have this issue? Idk how to nurture my poor little curls anymore.