"...I find myself suckered into trying yet another product. More often than not, I don't like the new products…"

Good point. I'm still obsessed with trying a new product that somebody mentions they had any luck with. The grass is always greener. You don't realize how great your hair has been doing until you try one of these "amazing" new miracle products.

I have been using kcnt, ufdcm + bhrg, until yesterday...I've been doing the EXACT same hair routine for most of the winter and yesterday my hair looked stringy and felt so greasy. I guess you can OD on the same hair products!

I changed it up completely today with Curl Keeper and Curl Queen. What? I had to do something different! I just wish I knew how to use half of what I have.
Location For Dew Points: Michigan
3a ~ Fine ~ High Porosity ~ Low Density

NoPoo: JC Cleansing Cream
Clarifier: CHS Treatment Shampoo
Rinse Out: CJ Argan, CJ Rehab
Detangler: KCKT
Leave-in: CJ Beauticurls, CJ Argan, CJ Rehab
Protein: SSPRT, CJ Repair Me
DT: CJ Rehab, Coconut Oil Pre-Poos
Stylers: UFDCM, BRHG

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