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Originally Posted by rouquinne View Post
i couldn't find one i liked in between my heavy fun fur for really cold days and my fleece coats/short leopard jacket for warmer ones, so i made one.

V8549 | Misses' Jacket and Coat | Coats/Capes | Vogue Patterns

view B to be exact - in a dark brown wool bouclé, with a turquoise kasha lining (heavy, fleece-backed satin). i interlined it with a layer of very thin fleece that adds no bulk but blocks the wind.

i LOVE it!

I have a store-bought cape like that. But it's not esp warm. Maybe I could duplicate it with a fleece lining. (Woudn't want to try to add a lining to the existing one and risk messing it I look the look of it.)
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