Also there are bars with AVC as one of the ingredients, so maybe you could skip the rinse if you got one of those. Kathleen from Sweetcreekherbs on etsy makes a AVC bar that gets great reviews. Oh yeah, and bobeam has a AVC bentonite clay bar that you might want to check out!
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Yes, I totally forgot about those. Good call, WavyGirl! I have the ACV bar from NjoiCreations on Etsy, which is a great occasional substitute for the rinses if you are low-pooing, but as Kathymack pointed out, they are not sufficient to counteract the alkalinity of the poo bars.

Hmm, I hadn't tried that Bobeam bar. I have the CV Mud & Clay bar, which is also quite nice (Dead Sea mud and rhassoul clay) but does not have ACV. Karen's Body Beautiful has a wonderful-sounding bar with ACV that also contains shikaki and amla, which are both good for curl enhancement. At $12 for 3 ounces, it's on the expensive side, but KBB is coming to Target this month so I'm hoping the price will be more reasonable {{crosses fingers}}

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Yossarian- How do you like your henna bar?
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Still sitting in my cart! I'm trying to use up what I have first, but if I see a few more gray hairs I just might go for it (Henna tends to loosen curls, however, which also makes me hesitant to try it.)
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