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Originally Posted by LoriLu View Post
please take the time to write if you are someone who dyes at home due to budget restrictions, and tell me honestly what you think my options are. Personally, I think the silicone-containing conditioners in the hair color boxes may be necessary again, just to sustain the appearance of smoothness (not to mention de-tangling properties) after coloring.
I dye at home (I have a LOT of gray) and I use Naturtint 5C for my color. It comes with a little tube of 'Nutrideep Multiplier' conditioner and shampoo; neither has silicones or sulfates. Sometimes I add a bit of my own (silicone-free) conditioner after I use theirs. I never have problems with slip or softness, although this hair color is ammonia-free so it's not quite as harsh.

So in my experience, yes -- you can color at home and use your own silicone-free conditioner with good results. (Right now the conditioners I use are Curl Junkie Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner, GVP Conditioning Balm and Giovanni Smooth As Silk.)
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