Wow! What progress! Its beautiful! Sadly, my hair always resembles your hair in the 2nd pic. :/ Can't do anything right.
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Wow! You've made amazing progress, your current hair looks fantastic <3
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I love the length, definition and shine in the first picture! I completely understand what you're saying though. I've been contemplating getting layers because I'm having the same 'flat' issue. My hair is super fine, almost down the tailbone when wet but I love the clumpy look so any volume is pretty much impossible right now. I use a deva diffuser (not their super expensive blow dryer, just the attachment) to dry around my scalp and give my roots some lift but by the end of the day...back to looking flat.

I just have to make the effort to find a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair. Also, I'm afraid of the amount it's going to cost compared to the $15 "straight hair" trims I'm used to getting. I guess you get what you pay for.
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Interesting - I'm not satisfied with my current hair and you all think it's much improved. I think part of my problem is I was criticizing another curly haired woman who has very long hair (like waist length). I thought it looked very flat and gelled (kind of wet look). Then I looked at my own and saw a resemblence.
Also - maybe I have too much time on my hands to obsess about my hair

Will see what the new stylist says. One good thing about her - she had several positive feedbacks on this website and the only ones who complained were two who wanted more hair cut off. So she won't cut off more than I want.

Thanks for all your comments.