I've been to two devachan trained stylist in my home town and I'll never trust another one to do my hair.

The first one I wanted to cut out the heat damaged hair, I knew this would mean chopping off about 3-5 inches, I was fine with that. My soul was ready for it. But she only lopped off a piece here or there, charged me $25 and then sent me on my way. I could not even tell a difference. So I went back to my original stylist (who doesn't really like doing natural/curly hair) and had her blow dry my hair and then cut it (the point of me going to a deva trained stylist was so I could avoid the direct heat).

Then I decided that I wanted a devachan stylist to cut a few layers in the top/front portion of my hair. I told her multiple times to leave the back alone because I liked the length of my hair. She agreed. Cut to me leaving the salon, washing my hair (because I didn't like the way she styled my hair) and seeing that the back of my hair was about 1-2 inches shorter. I don't know how I missed what she was doing, I watched her like a hawk. I was pissed. She also did some weird thing where she cut the middle/crown of my hair pretty short, and still can't figure out why she did that. It made no sense to me. At least I was able to get my money back, although the owner seemed to think it was my fault. Even though I told that woman what I wanted, she agreed, but ignored what I said.

From now on, I'll just cut my own hair. Forget that. YouTube has many tutorials on how to cut your hair or trim your ends.
Holy Grails:
Cowash: DevaCurl No Poo or As I Am Coconut Wash
Conditioner: Giovanni Tea Tree Tingle
Leave-in: Paul Mitchell the Conditioner
Styling Products: EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel
Oils: Coconut oil. Carol's Daughter Hair Balm.
Deep Conditioner: Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Masque (also a great detangler and cleanser)