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I have just used Garnier Olia to cover my greys. I tossed the conditioner and used GVP conditioning balm, but I almost did not need it, the color alone left my hair very soft and it covered the grey hair perfectly.
Well this sounds promising. I'll write it down. I had stopped looking at Garnier because of the price, (and I noticed all their "frizz control" products had all the 'cones and 'fates and stuff, so cheap as they were they weren't worth it to me.) and... I admit there were more colors to look at with Clairol nice & easy and Revlon and L'oreal. I have learned how to MIX color, even with more than one brand. (What a MESS!)

But just give me an idea, do we have similar hair? Are you young? 20's 30's 40's? How much percentage of your hair is gray? Is your hair coarse or fine? wavy or curly or kinky? I don't have much to give you because I am so "mixed." Half Italian and half god-knows what...maybe will help me figure that out...

I have been using Garnier color for a few years now, I have found it covers my greys the longest ( before I started cg), the spray gel from garnier also works great on my hair and its cg I believe.

I have long " wurly" hair ( I have everything from 2a to 3a ), medium porosity, medium elasticity, medium coarse hair, medium density ( I send my hair in for analysis ), I have single grey hairs interwoven in my crown only , I am German with ancestry from the Balkans . Oh and I turn 43 ( yeah ) this Saturday.
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