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Originally Posted by Jas76 View Post
Ok, here are some pics of my progress, especially for my hair twin, Houseofcurls!! (If I ever take a better one, I'll post it, too. Lol!)

A particularly bad pre-cg day! (I was pregnant, too, and my hair had started growing in really dark! It wasn't as bad as it looks in this picture, but you can really see it here! (It was raining, too, so the top of my head was wet!)

Just a few months in... maybe 6mos? (not fully dry, so I had not SOTC yet.)

I think this was about a year?

Fairly recent - close to 2 years of CG, I think. (excuse the lack of make-up - LOL!)

OMG! this is the first time I've ever seen these pics!!! BEAUTIFUL!
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