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To the OP thanks for showing your experience with us deva chan will def be a no go for me... I read the few reviews in yelp as well and it was pretty much a hit or miss with them mostly a miss... Now with your hair color IMO,
Hmm. Maybe I'm missing something. Are you talking about the Devachan salons in NYC? Looks to me like each of those salons have an average of 4 and 4.5 out of 5 stars (from a sizable number of reviewers)
No specifically the one in Culver City, California. You should check it out. A number of horror stories. . .
Yeah I see those who were unsatisfied have extreme stories: hair that supposedly went from shoulder length to pixie; lopsided, choppy and uneven cuts. Or that one color debacle this thread is based on.

I'm no shill for Devachan lol - I don't think they're for everyone and they have a few crappy stylists among them, like any other group of hair practitioners. But it's only fair to look at the math: there are 25 reviews listed for the Culver city salon and overall they have 4 stars. There are 4 people who gave them a bad rating, including one person who posted an unneeded response under her own review apparently so she could slip in an extra 1 star rating. There are 21 posters who gave them a fair, good or great rating. ... Those 4 extreme ratings still might reduce their patronage. I'd guess they have a PR problem brewing, especially if the percentage of negative reviews begins to increase.
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