Hi, Curl Play! The Post Office thinks it would be $6 by Priority Mail -- but I bet we could ship it via First Class for less than that. If you'd be willing to do it this way, you could send me a Paypal for the total amount ($15 + $6 shipping = $21), and I can try to send it as inexpensively as possible -- then refund you the difference. (I don't need to make any money on the shipping, so would refund you the exact difference between what you paid and what it cost.) Let me know if that works for you!
3b, fine, medium density, normal porosity
Wash: Up in the air right now; Phytolisse and Shea 10-in-1 not working amazingly
Rinse-out: CJ Deep Fix, Phytolisse, Shea 10-in-1
DT: CJ CCCC Lite, Phyto 7
Leave-in: Phytokeratine, CCCCL
Styling: Phyto hair curling stuff