Ahh, the mysterious Guide 22. Who is she? She is a member who volunteers her time to put out the fires that develop from the smoldering volcano known as Curltalk.

She is a referee who sometimes needs to make the tough and unpopular call. Will she sometimes make mistakes, uh yeah, she made a doozy of one the other day (but rectified it). She owns up to them however. She wants the old members to continue to find it enjoyable here, but understand that some things had/have to change from time to time. Some changes are good (Curltalk), some changes not so much, but are necessary (the rules/guidelines), some changes are bad (the Gurus, Trending Topics). (She might add voicing your concerns in a respectful, non-confrontational manner really makes a difference). She wants the new members to feel comfortable joining and not be turned away due to offensive behavior or postings.

She is well aware that she is not popular in some circles, which is unfortunate. But if you don't abide by the rules, she will call you on it, and you may get a penalty flag. She is not just a spam jockey (although it seems like it at times, it gets crazy). And for those non sports minded people, that would be like you posting an All-recipes recipe and calling it gourmet. Saria would call you out on it for sure.

She is here to help, she is here to learn more about her hair and to learn period (there are a lot of smart people on this board).

Once again, please pm me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. As you can tell we have been listening.

Your friendly neighborhood moderator,