Yes bleaching your hair twice in one sitting is such an amateur move to make... Maybe the color u want is a progressive color? Meaning you had to work your way up to that color after all you were going from black/brown to lavendar but they should have definitely known that... Did they at least deep condition it... Is it fried?
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I think a good colorist could have done it in one sitting, maybe they misunderstood what she meant (I don't see how, even with pictures though). But they also took the color further up than it needed to be. Even if the bleach did damage it at least according to the picture she brought in it should have only comprised the ends.

Even still it is the customer service that makes it so bad. I feel like taking care of your customers can cover a multitude of sins.

I was hoping to see more positive reviews of the Deva in Culver City, I was looking forward to trying it eventually.