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Your highly porous locks are lovely! My hair reacts to water similarly to your hair, and I've never colored it, and it hasn't been relaxed in over 15 years.

I think there may be more information concerning highly porous hair than what is typically known because I always wonder the following:

1. There is a white residue left behind by some products. This is after my hair has been clarified, conditioned (rinse-out), and only one styling (or leave-in) product used. Doesn't highly porous hair absorb everything?

2. My hair is virgin/healthy, and kept moisturized--yet highly porous...?

3. If hair tangles easily after being detangled, does that mean it's highly porous, or does it means that it's just fine hair (which also tangles easily)?

4. Does highly porous hair reflect a shine or a sheen? Dusalocks, your hair looks shiny. I would have thought more of low porosity.

I'm sure others will chime in....
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