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Originally Posted by sKorpio1190 View Post
My hair only seems to like one line of products, and I've tried a LOT. Is it ok to just always use that one line, or should u alternate? I've spent so much money looking for products and now that I finally found one I just wanna make sure that I won't get too much of a good thing. Thanks curlies

If that works for your hair, then stick with it! Not only do you save money, but it reduces clutter in the shower

I would LOVE to have one set of products that works consistently, but I've found that I have to switch up every couple of days or they stop altogether. It's like I have to "trick" my hair into thinking I'm continually changing products, when in reality I'm using my HGs 75% of the time.

Hopefully, your hair isn't as finicky as mine,
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