Thanks both of you! At the moment I'm using a cream with Urea. The wrinkles under my eyes are so much worse than they were last week... I'm just stunned by this. I really hope I haven't done permanent damage but it's not looking good Possibly the biggest mistake I've made (in relation to my face, ha.)
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I'm pretty sure that once your skin is moisturized again, it will be back to normal. I've gotten plenty of lines around my eyes that went away once my skin was back in balance. My staples (that I get from Garden of Wisdom) are: plain Hyaluronic Acid, a couple of good hydrosol sprays, and then a couple of their skin creams. My two favorites are the Coconut Revival Cream and the ReNew Cream. Both are excellent. Occasionally I'll add some Emu oil into the mix as well, but in the winter that isn't enough moisture for my skin. For cleansing, my hands-down favorite in the winter is Earth Science A-D-E creamy cleanser which you can get at places like Whole Foods and other health food stores.
2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.