bakes fish with a pesto walnut crust, peas, applesauce.
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Care to share the recipe?
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The measurements are a guestimate since I don't really measure. This will make enough for a lb of fish. I use swai but this will work for any fish (it's also good with chicken, pounded thin). Heat oven to 375 or so. Spray cookie sheet, add fish.

In a bowl mix -
2-3 tbl mayo
1 tbl pesto (or just add some dried basil, a little olive oil, and chopped garlic)
2 tbl parm cheese (the dry kind in the can)
3 tbl nuts, chopped (I've used walnuts, pine nuts, pecans, almonds, sunflower seeds)
I don't add any salt because the parm cheese is so salty. But season as you like it.
Spread on top of the fish, bake for 15 min or until crust has browned.

I make a big batch of this at least once a month. It's light but flavorful. It freezes and reheats well. I'm having it again tonight. : )
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Thanks! That sounds easy and delicious! I'm always seeking ways to make fish more palatable. I think your low carb "fried chicken" recipe is similar, if I'm not least as far as using parmesan cheese as "breading."
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