Interesting thoughts ladies. What say you when someone adds oils or AVJ to a product to "kick it up a notch" or make it work better for their hair? Ala the Kimmaytube leave-in with KCKT or those who put shampoo or oil in their conditioner? Isn't that the same principle?

Making it work, sure beats chucking it in the trash. And if it works, you have a go to if you need it without having to look for something else and hope that it works as is.

However, I get your point.
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I understand that. I'm not a product hoarder, so I will take action on a product I don't like. I usually will return it. If I can't return it I will doctor it up or if it's doing bad things to my hair I'll throw it out or give/swap/sell it away. What I mean is, I'm not going to pay a lot for a product I essentially have to make. It one thing to buy oils, butters, glycerine, essential oils, etc. and make something from scratch or improve on a $1 conditioner. It's another thing to pay $10-$30 for a product an have to make alterations. That is a will-not-purchase-again type of thing.