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Originally Posted by elizard View Post
sdkitty, i think your hair looks great. the change your hair has made is really the goal of CG... maximizing the moisture protein balance. your hair looks much healthier now.
Originally Posted by longlivecurls View Post
I think the same thing happened to me my hair is starting to feel thinner (less volume) than when I wasn't doing CG. I don't think it's that your hair is flatter but less frizzy. My hair was dry and damaged therefore it frizzed up like crazy making it look really poofy. Now that my hair is a lot more hydrated its not as bad and clumps nicer therefore making it feel like it's thinner or flatter even tho it's nowhere near thin lol. If you want more volume you can try diffusing it.
thanks elizard

longlivecurls, since I got my Deva cut, I'm no longer unhappy with my hair as far as layers are better now......I do diffuse. Yesterday, I did a combo of air dry and diffusing
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