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I've become a huge fan of VO5, namely the Blackberry Sage Tea Therapy Conditioner, I also bought the shampoo to use before deep condtioning or Henna or Cassia, and I noticed that the lather and way my hair felt during the washing was buttah...anyway...the conditioner is great for cowashing then following with a more substantial conditioner and washing out Henna/Cassia or rinsing I think...

Today I tried it like I would have used Wen or Hair One thinking it can't be all that bad...the slip is nice, my scalp is slightly itchy...but the main thing is I guess it ran down my back as I was in the shower and ate me took a good while to calm that itchy/bitey/stingy feeling down...kinda hurt my feelings...still love it's good to have boundaries in relationships sometimes...
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