I wash my hair everyday. I use a sulfate free shampoo and tresemme 24 hour body conditioner. It's not CG, but it works for me. Then when I get out I rake AG recoil through and then flip my hair over and rake through my gel (Broaer- a brand from Spain which is impossible to find). I let it air dry for about 10-15 minutes then I flip over and blow dry it (no diffuser). I use a low setting and high heat and blow dry the back of my hair while flipped over (that way I get more volume and no frizz). Boy, I didn't realize I did so much every morning lol I guess cuz it's routine by now here's the end results:
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I really want to buy a new blowdryer. My current one has a teeny tiny diffuser and is quite, as my best friend lovingly put it, "vintage". I want to see what diffusing might do for root volume. Although I in general am afraid of too much volume and try to avoid it. . . But you and house of curls have got me thinking I might just need to bite the bullet and experiment. Torn here.
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