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Originally Posted by asianrunner View Post
Do you have Suave Naturals or Johnson baby shampoo? Or Redken?

That must be tough! You will have to become a good label reader.
I don't know about the Suave Naturals, but I have Johnson baby shampoo. It is good? I mean it will work on my hair?

But lately, i stopped using a styling cream by Pantene and i don't have any build up (but i had to wash my hair with a shampoo with sulfates). And now i'm using a moose by Every Night (i don't know if you know that brand) without alcohol and with sunscreen, and it works good for me.

And the conditioner that i'm currently using, only contains amodimethicone. (it was the only conditioner without a lot of cones, that i found in the local stores)

So my question now, is if the Johnson baby shampoo is "more good" with the curly hair?

And again, excuse my bad english, lol.

Mix of 3b & 3c
Medium porosity
Low density
Medium width

Excuse my bad english

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