When are you meeting? You can't keep us in suspense here!!!
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Wednesday morning!

Good lord, I am BROKE. I just paid my gas/electric/phone bills and have nothing left. Pay day is Tuesday at least, and I have nearly 40 hours at the store next week.
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Wednesday? I can't...I mean, you shouldn't have to wait until Wednesday!
well, these fingers will stay crossed for you. If my posts are full of typos, they all are for cibc! (and every on here waiting on good news.)
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I was really hoping for "Congratulations, we're hiring you!" cupcakes and a flag.

I met with the Executive Director, who was quite great, for a solid 45 minutes. I feel like that was a long time to talk to one person for a second interview, considering the first one was over an hour last week!!!

It's to do book PR, and I come from theatre PR, but had intended on working in publishing out of college, and kept comparing my experience working for a producer who marched to the beat of his own drummer and took on different projects to what it must be like to work with self-published authors (I felt I made some good parallels!)

He was really nice, and will let me know Friday or Monday. Fingers crossed. Gah.

I'm exhausted! And broke broke broke!