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My friend's friend just got engaged. She spoke with her sister. And vented to me...

and she goes, "well apparently she was sobbing for an hour at the hospital" (she's a doctor) "because she hated the ring"
so i'm like, ok, what's wrong with it?? is it tear drop shaped or something??
and she's like, it's a square cut diamond, 0.8 carats, white gold band
i'm like, that sounds great!
but she hates it
and i was like, why?
which she didn't answer directly but basically was implying it's too small
that is so rude!!!
esp cuz that's pretty much exactly my ring except it's a round cut diamond
like the fiance apparently said "oh i figured you'd want something on the smaller side"
so she pitched a fit
there are children starving!
so i said to her, "well that's about how big my ring is and i don't think it's too small"
and she goes, "well, we have big hands"
WT Eff indeed!!!
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