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Originally Posted by Saria View Post
What RCC said. You often point out how things don't bother you, Jeep, such as that confederate flag thread, but it's really not the point. Some things are wrong, period. Some things have a greater effect than whether or not they bother you. Some things shape the way people perceive and react to certain groups. And then there are things that don't bother you (general you) because they aren't about you in the first place and don't affect you. For example, cultural appropriation doesn't bother you because it's not your culture being appropriated. Or my friend having the audacity to compare calling an annoying customer a ***** to calling a male one a dick when I call him out on it and trying to justify how he's referring to just one specific woman and not all women.
Seriously? My not being offended for being called a girl has all that historical significance? Who knew I was such a horrid person?

I give everyone all the right in the world to be offended by words and what they used to mean and how they are used.
I expect the same right to not be offended for myself. I'm not asking for a disagreement when I say that something doesn't bother me. I'm simply saying that something doesn't bother me! It's not all that deep.
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