Curly Sara how does flaxseed gel
Not make your hair a bit crunch? How do u apply it. Flaxseed gel is indeed the best or among the best curl enhancers. But it leaves my hair a bit crunchy. I know many curlies dont mind this but I prefer soft hair. So I have to weigh the wonderful curls against the crunchiness. How do you apply it!
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I also prefer soft hair. Cant stand crunchy hair.
I first apply conditioner as a leave in in soaking wet hair all over the hair then i apply flax seed gel over and a little bit argan oil or evoo to the ends. I fingerrake the products in my hair to minimize frizz.
Its important to first apply a leave in and then a gel.
Hair type/properties:
3c hair, high porosity, mediumdensity, low elasticity, fine hair.

Curly hair routine/regime:
Combine the modified cg-method (low poo) and a modified tightly curly method.
-Condition and leave in: Aubrey Organics, Giovanni Barzilian keratin and argan oil
-Sealer: shea butter, Argan, olive and coconutoil
-Gel: homemade flaxseed gel, Kinky curly custard, Queen Helene Curl royal shaping creme.