When I got my hair cut last week the layers came out awesome. However, at the end they were like ok so you want to get it blown out right? uhhh no. They were so surprised. My friend that I went with was like what?? Why not?! Well, when I told them that I happen to like my natural hair then the girl who cut it for me was nice enough to say that I have great hair and doesn't blame me. Another client was leaving and saw my hair and said "Oooo her hair is so nice! What are you using on her?" Then she bought the spray the woman put in my hair. Unfortunately for her, that spray didn't do a thing for me and that's just how my hair always is lol. The products actually dried my hair out if anything. It was when I washed the next day that I was like Woah! Anyway, the moral of the story is why do salons always assume you want your hair blown out? It gets annoying after a while. I know many women don't like their hair natural, but don't just assume that I want to get my curls straightened please. It doesn't help us embrace our hair when the world tells us we shouldn't. Just ask me first, and don't act like I have 3 heads when I say no.