Hello! i've been a frequent lurker of this forum when i discovered there was an entire league of oppressed curly haired women, just like myself. Recently i've made the plunge and decided to completely cut out hair straighteners and embrace my hair, i use sillicone free products and conditioner wash my hair most of the time but it's just too greasy to not be able to shampoo it. I use boots curl creme to style and i sometimes use a diffuser. HOWEVER RECENTLY my hair has just been going so limp and not curling, i'm usually anything from a 2b to 3a but my hairs been going to almost a 2a and just having no volume and being almost thin, the ends feel really dry and thin and i'm not sure what it's a result of! does anybody have any tips? i can show photos of the change in my hair if that would be helpful. thanks for reading everyone