I have been modified CG since last summer, but recently returned to sulfates. I LOVE the TIGI Oatmeal & Honey shampoo. I still use an a-cone once in awhile so the sulfate poo really helps prevent build-up. I was never able to co-wash anyway because it caused major build-up on my fine hair. My hair has never been healthier...I just make sure I keep it moisturized and deep condition when it feels dry. I try not to use sulfates too much, but I find that I can use them about once a week without too much trouble.
3a, baby fine i/ii, low to normal porosity, protein sensitive
Mod CG since 5/12, from rainy Western WA
dislikes: glycerin, wheat protein
Likes: moisture, Mag Sulfate
Poo: Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo
Cond: CJCR, DB pumpkin seed, TJ TTT, Elucence MB
Protein: one & only Argan oil hydrating mask
Style: UFD curly magic, Sweet Curls Elixers flax seed cream and HHG (Etsy)

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