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when you do a ponytail, i'd do it very loosely, letting maybe a few strands of hair 'escape,' if they are fairly short. avoid that 'skinned' look! i think a loose ponytail can look very professional, even without any 'escaped' strands, key word being loose.

you don't say what your curl type is, but if it is wavy or 3a, you can easily do side-swept pieces, they are much longer than bangs and cut differently, so that you can s***e them easily to the side and it all just blends in.

even if you have a tighter curl, a good stylist should be able to find a way to cut a very few shorter pieces around your face, not a lot, not an angled cut, but just a few graduated short to longer pieces.

i'd look at photos and see what i could find to bring to the stylist, beware of what she might think you want!! :-)
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