You are not alone! I too have not had the greatest experience partially my fault. When I decided not to relax my hair anymore in December 2010 I wasn't 100 percent sure how I would handle the transition. I transitioned until June of 2011 at which time my best friend and I cut it all off. I went home with a wash and go and said ok I can do this.
I had a great sylist and she began working with me to figure out this new texture on my head. Well one day in September I decided I couldn't like my hair so I wanted a relaxer. Bettsy refused and said let's try Provana. I loved the results and in November before I moved I got another treatment, which I enjoyed as well. I moved to CA Thanksgiving 2011 and had no hair stylist. I tried a friend's stylist who "specialized" in kinky hair, ie he is great with a pressing comb. He cut my hair so that is was great straight, but a mullet curly (not to mention he burned off a section of my hair).
Following this I went to a new person who did the Keratin Complex Express on my hair and fixed the bad hair cut. Well I liked the results and it would last me 2-3 months instead of the 6 weeks. When I would do twist outs I noticed my hair wouldn't hold the same. At some point in between Keratin treatments I needed a trim and my girl wasn't available. Well the new lady cut my hair wet and it had to be cut again to corrected. I had a total of 3 Keratin Complex treatments in 2012 and my hair had permanent straight ends. I asked my girl at an appointment before the last treatment if it was permanent and she assured me it wasn't and that over time she has gotten hers done less often. I convinced myself I prefered my hair straight and since it wouldn't twist the way I wanted I would wear it straight all the time. I got one more Keratin Complex Express treatment and hated it. My hair was relaxed again!
So while I have technically been natural since June 2011, I did not retain any length in 2012, between the keratin treatments and hair cuts.
I made a decission this weekend to not straighten my hair for at least 6 months. Saturday I cut off all my heat damaged straight hair and starting over. You are not alone I will never do another Keratin treatment on my hair.
Sorry for the long response

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