I second the suggestion for protein treatment + deep conditioning treatment.

Also, to keep moisture in, sealing is amazing. You can search this site for ''sealing hair''. I also have fin hair btw, and I use Jamaican Black Castor oil, and my hair LOVES it. And it really made my hair grow faster.
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I heard soo many great things bout jbco. How do you use it? If you seal with it how in thw world do you seal wit an thick oil lol
I was thinkin bout start sealing with coconut oil but its cold out n I kno coconut oil gets hard so idk if coconut best for winter
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I don't seal with JBCO I seal with jojoba or apricot. Lately more with apricot. Apricot is light.
I use Jamaican Black castor oil on my scalp. I dilute it with some coconut oil because JBCO is so thick. I use coconut oil with it because it can penetrate the hair shaft and my hair likes it. Also, it's less greasy than olive oil.
I apply it everyday before I go to bed. I massage my scalp with it (massaging your scalp may also stimulate hair growth).

Current length: tailbone
Goal length: mid-thigh (wet)
3A/2C M iii med por, high elast

Clarify: Nivea
Lo-poo: Nature's Gate
CW: Elvive Volume Collagen
RO: EO Keratin, Desert Essence Raspberry

LI: Elvive volume collagen, KCKT
Seal: Grapeseed oil
Gel: Studioline

PT: EO Keratin co
DT: RO+oils
Hairgrowth stim.: JBCO+EVCO

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