I'm gonna throw my two cents into this conversation too. I just got the new ionic blow dryer from hot tools that has the option for the handle to rotate and I LOVE it, primarily because I can get the back of my head so much easier and get much better curl in the one spot in the back of my head that doesn't want I cooperate. So its great if anyone is having that same problem. It was like $70 at ulta and has a great sized diffuser. My hair dried faster and a lot less frizzy than with my cheap drugstore dryer.
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I am intrigued. The back of my hair is such a pain! Is this the one you're talking about?
Hot Tools Turbo Ionic Salon Dryer Ulta.com - Cosmetics, Fragrance, Salon and Beauty Gifts
How does the rotating work? Not that I need a new blow dryer right now, but I admit I'm tempted!

It looks like it's on Folica for cheaper right now. Hot Tools Galaxy Salon Turbo Ionic Dryer | Folica.com

Curlsnswirls - I agree!! The high setting is like a tornado! It's also on the loud side. It's kind of a beast. But I like it
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