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Does the director have a boss? I would tell on him.
She told me that he is retiring in two weeks... I guess he just doesn't care. Why not leave it be if you're retiring anyway, ya know? Let someone else handle it.

If I were closer, I'd contact them to speak with someone about the issue. At least stand up for her.

I really wish my aunt (her daughter) would do it. She's an ass kicker but she's an accountant and nothing will get her away from her desk this time of year.
Would it be possible to email someone else at the center? Or call about it? I know it isn't the same with you so far away.

I hope she goes back in two weeks when Mr prick is gone.
You know, that is a great idea. She needs someone to stand up for her. I'm going to see if I can hunt down and email address and at the very least, inquire about the situation. Thank you, ruralcurls!!
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