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That's what I thought too. He also said I needed to come in every 6-8 weeks for a cut. Who gets a haircut every 8 weeks?!
My neighbor, who has really short and straight hair. More like every few weeks, I'd hate to have that kind of commitment.

I'm lucky to go twice a year! Although if I had someone I really liked and it didn't cost a fortune I'd probably go a little more often. So far I haven't found either of those things with the two people I've tried in the two years we've lived here. $70 for a haircut is just too much.
I hadn't been in almost 2 years, but before that the most regularly I ever went was every 3-4 months. My husband goes every 8 weeks, maybe, but his hair is short and he's probably more particular about his hair than I am. (I know, blasphemy.)
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