I just used the balm and the gel:
Marshmallow Moisture Balm - ingredientstodiefor-gel1.jpg

I'm really happy with the result - I have healthy, fairly shiny hair normally, but this seems to really bring out more definition and gloss. I didn't add anything to the product, so there's no noticeable smell once the product dried.

The feel is very lightweight and soft, with some flexible crunch where I put a bit too much product. The left side of the photo has more of the balm on it than the right (to give you an idea of how the gel alone performs).

I normally use a firm hold gel, so I'll have to see how it performs once I sleep on it.

As a heads up: The spray conditioner did not come in a spray bottle, so you'll need to transfer it to another container if you want to use it as intended

Edit: Okay, update after playing around with these products:

Marshmallow Moisture Balm: amaaaaazing. Trying it with the curl defining gel and with my normal gel both yield super soft, super shiny, and highly moisturized hair that stayed that way until I washed it.

Curl Defining Gel: I got day 3 hair with the combination of the moisture balm and this gel. I don't think the gel added any additional shine, but it had no dulling effect at all.

The downside: I tried to add a tiny bit of gel to dry hair (had a disagreeable curl on day 3), and it gave me that sticky hairspray/dry feel that hung around in the shower until I used a bit of a mild sulfate + my normal conditioner. Moral of the story: use a small amount and only on wet hair. Anyone else have this reaction before?

The main difference between my normal gel and this one (with the moisture balm) is the size of the curls formed - huge 3a curls on the base with the curl defining gel and a mix of 3a/3b with my normal product.

Conditioner Spray: ... meh. Unfortunately this didn't do anything for my hair. I tried it on both dry and damp hair to help tame a frizzy curl on day 2, but I didn't notice any difference or improvement. However, my mom's drier, thinner, and less curly hair had great shine and bounce after trying it.

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