I understand your dilemma since I live in Miami, FL. The weather here can change in an instance. It always amazes me how I can drive into pouring rain and in seconds I'm driving into nothing but sun and blue skies (this all while getting home from work which is about 15 mins away). This is not good for my very frizzy hair. I am thinking of trying curl keeper since it has really good reviews and is suppose to control frizz really well. Just wish I could purchase it in stores and not just online. I have heard that personal lubricants such as KY have similar ingredients and can be use as an alternative. Haven't tried this myself so I can't say if it works or not. You can check out YouTube as well for reviews on frizz controlling products and methods.
curl type: 2c/3a on a good day
med/high porosity & high density
hair strand width: med/coarse
BSL hair & growing


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