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Thanks, everyone! I've been CG for about 6 months, so it sounds like my best bet is a different low poo. Any recommendations? I thought Devacurl was the only manufacturer that makes a low poo. I'm so excited! Maybe Deva is to blame for my gunkiness...which is actually a better way to describe what's going on!
WELL!! Then I'd recommend the SM low poos, for sure! You may find you want to alternate with another low poo - I use Organix Shea shampoo.

Honestly, any non-sulfate poo is a "low poo". Some are more gentle than others. I find the SM ones to be very gentle, where the Organix one has a little more cleansing agents in it, but still a lot gentler than sulfates.

I disagree, there are a lot of non-sulfate shampoos that use cleansers just as harsh, soaps, or that use a larger amount of gentle cleansers for the same effect. To know if something is low poo you have to look beyond "sulfate free".

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