I would be practicing under my legal name. I'm planning on changing it officially. Maybe I should have stated that because I wouldn't be switching socially. It's just that instead of First name, middle initial, last name, second last name, I would use first name, mid initial, second last name because that's different from my father. I don't plan on changing my last name either if I get married. My mother didn't either. I also don't worry about getting privilege from my dad. I'm proud to be his daughter. And he doesn't work in a law firm anyway, he does public interest law so it really doesn't matter either way, but no I don't worry about any privileges from him.
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That makes sense, except that if he does public interest law, he's not really going to be in a position to propose that you work with him is he? I mean, depending on where he works, he may be able to swing an interview for you if it's borderline, but not much else. I did public interest law. It's a pretty specific and hard to break into niche no matter who your parents are. You said you wanted a last name different from his "so people won't know we are related." I guess I don't really get why it is important for people to not know that? If anything, it's an advantage.
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