OBB, if you ever get back this way, we can get tacos and pho!
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i was going to visit my sister and adopted mom back east this summer but my sister will come to Cali because my baby sis is having her first baby. i had it all planned out too. first to Jeepy and check to see if its really her feet then south to see you and make a mess in isle 9 and then swing east to Philly to swim with RCW then up to Conn to visit my godmother and finally bring some banh mi to Saria in NY and teach her to pronounce it correctly. i made a similar back in summer of 2008 with my 3 sisters and dad. pre-NC days
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And don't forget, after foot modeling, you promised to fix me a Vietnamese meal of some sort. I will send you off with a batch of Italian cookies in payment. : )
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