I just bought the CHS CK can't wait to try it. It's water based so it doesn't weigh your hair down. There's a review on YouTube and that's all she used and her hair came out really pretty she added volume by using the root clips which are not too pricey from the same company.

Here's the video
Curly Hair Routine feat. Curl Keeper - YouTube

Also you can try mousse. I don't think it'll weigh your hair down but still help with the frizz and give you volume.

PS: Hilarious photo LOL
Originally Posted by longlivecurls
Hey! Those are the clips I bought at the salon that I have no idea what to do with! So I have to grab at the root? Won't that kill whatever little root curl I do get though? Do you have those clips already LLC? If so please tell me how to use them.
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