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Default What comb or brush is best for fine hair?

So I recently saw a youtube video by Veronica Meza where she shows how she styles her hair and I saw that she used a root brush when she got out the shower. Here's the video: Curly Hair Tutorial with Curly Hair Solutions - Veronica Meza - YouTube

Anyway, since I have fine hair like she does (and also a lot of it) I'm wondering if I should try the same brush. I use wide tooth combs now but I worry that they make my hair clump too much (and don't help for volume), which I can't afford with fine hair I like how her curls form more individually. Well, I like everything about her hair lol but I digress....

What would you recommend for fine hair? I want to see if I can get better results using something other than a wide tooth comb when I come out of the shower. My hair doesn't really getting knotty either so I don't need something heavy duty for detangling. I'm trying different styling techniques rather than products in hopes that it will help me out without having to spend as much money lol. I also want to try the roller jaw clamps she used in the video but just the brush and clamps from are like $32 with shipping
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