Btw, remember my class with all the whiney people crying about study guides...THEY MADE MY TEACHER QUIT. SHE QUIT BECAUSE SHE SAID THE CLASSROOM WAS TOXIC.

This one woman cursed the teacher out over it. They were like "she doesn't tell us what to study" I was like "NO TEACHER TELLS ANYONE WHAT TO STUDY WELCOME TO COLLEGE"
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WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE ON IT'S COLLEGE NOT KINDERGARTEN this is seriously making me angry for that poor woman. Who the HELL expects to be told what to study in freaking COLLEGE?!?!

I hate you all

As a kid I didn't quite grasp how awesome Ms. Grotkey was. Having a teacher like her would be very cool.
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Ms. Grotkey was! She was always among my favorites on the show, but foolish baby!Wild was unaware that she deserved to be engraved in stone at the very top of the list.

Scrills, I know it's not like that guy was deliberately trying to contribute to your sucky day, but I still want to bop him on the head for it.

Today I got up all crazy early to talk to the bereavement counselor with my mom and grandma before my cleaning shift. Stupid cleaning shift...she stayed for a whole hour after I had to leave and she was really nice and clearly good at her job. I took her card and will definitely give her a call.

My eyes were all red from crying when I got to the studio to clean. I hope they all just assumed it was allergies. I do have those! Not that any of them would know it.

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