Rockin Ringlets is the same thing! It's just cheaper to make it!

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I know, I couldn't believe how cheap flax seeds are! Plus I'm going to start buying my gelatin in bulk canisters. I'm happy to end at least one branch of my product junkyism. I still want to find a better hardhold gel to use over top of my FSG, though. I'm currently using LALSG, and it's alright. I'm tempted to try KCCC, but I'm afraid it'll be too heavy on my fine hair.

On another note, I raked my leave-in into my hair today, focusing on lifting my hair up and away from my scalp. Usually, I follow by one last, short dunk under the shower to get the clumps back together. I skipped that part, and just got out of the shower and scrunched in FSG. The FSG slurped the clumps back together, but I have great root volume and waviness up to the roots today! Usually my hair gets a little plastered to the top of my head. Yay!
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