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Default more like diva...than deva...

yes dusa! i did get my money back after a long fight...whats funny is yesterday i was having lunch next to the salon, and lo and behold as soon as I pass by, Sergio who did my hair "coincidentally" comes into the restaurant Im in too. I decide to just ignore it, I was over it and it was the first time since I had my hair colored that I was wearing it down because I was just so sick of updo's... and lo and behold as Im ordering he comes up to me, taps me on the should and says "Love your hair..." and walks and my boyfriend were just like IS HE SERIOUS?! my sister and mom were furious, especially cuz he sat outside the restaurant staring in at me for a while. I was just like ugh...what DIVA. Im not getting into this...clearly unprofessionalism runs in the deva chan family. Pathetic...
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