Oh MY!! THAT is downright scary! How in the HECK they could even let someone walk OUT of the salon that way is just SCARY as it is!

I've given up on the Deva thing. The first few times, the hair cut was better than any other cut I've had, though, after a few weeks, it flops and I end up having to put it up again (barrette/Pony Tail, etc).

I HATED walking out of the salon with my hair feeling chuck full of product. It was gross, but I just did my own thing when I got home.

Deva products have done NOTHING for me. I even tried the new gel that is supposed to be stronger than Arc, but it doesn't even begin to compare to Rock Hard Gelee. Conditioners (even Heaven in Hair) does nothing. I would rather fork out the $50 for Ouidad Deep than use that garbage.

Thought I liked Mister Right, but it's very hit and miss.

Just went for a Ouidad cut yesterday. Time will tell how this works for me!