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Pretty new to CG and just discovered I'm protein sensitive. I know some ingredients that are definitely proteins but I'm not sure about a few others.

Aloe? I believe aloe has protein but want to be sure that's correct.
Jojoba oil? I think I read somewhere this should be the only oil with protein.
Coconut oil? I know people can be sensitive to it and I'm wondering if it's because it has protein.

Please help! Thanks!
Aloe vera contains protein. It's a plant, all plant life has protein.
Jojoba oil contains protein, oil never contains it but jojoba isn't really an oil (it's a liquid wax).
Coconut oil isn't protein and doesn't contain it, but it protects the natural protein in the hair once it penetrates.

Thanks for that explanation!

About the coconut said, "it protects the natural protein in the hair once it penetrates." Does that make it good or bad for coarse, dense hair with lo porosity? Or is this another individual thing? I don't even know if I COULD get the oil to penetrate my hair.
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